New Restaurant Services for Northwest Arkansas from Model Laundry.

dreamstime xs 23228108 2 New Restaurant Services for Northwest Arkansas from Model Laundry.

Model Laundry CEO John Murray has brought in some new services for Northwest Arkansas restaurants. These new services include usage billing on linen services, ware washing equipment and ware washing chemicals.

Instead of paying a monthly minimum for linens, regardless of use, Model Laundry has become the first in the area to offer usage billing. “Why pay for something you don’t use” Murray said. “We are saving our clients money each week by only charging them for what they actually used. Our clients love it!”

Model Laundry has become an exclusive dealer for American Dish Service ware washing equipment in Northwest Arkansas. The move adds to the company’s growing line of restaurant products and services. “We can now offer top, energy efficient ware washing equipment and service to our restaurant clients” Murray says. “Once the word got out we started receiving orders because smart operators already know the value of these products.”

Model Laundry is also providing restaurants with needed chemicals at substantial savings. Our clients average a 30% savings on their chemical supplies.

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Now Distributing A Complete Line of Restaurant Chemicals

Chem1 Now Distributing A Complete Line of Restaurant Chemicals

Model Is Your Best Source For Restaurant Chemicals and WareWashing products

Model offers a complete line of restaurant chemicals and quality WareWashing products to meet all your needs.

Our comprehensive line of quality WareWashing products is designed to handle even the toughest washing projects.

Presoak Products
Powerful liquid and powdered presoak formulas that assures spotless ware wash results and leave your flatware film free.

Dish Machine Detergents
Comprehensive line of quality detergent products for both high and low temperature machines.

Rinse Additives
Fast drying and sparkling clean results with excellent sheeting for quick drying action.

Chlorine Additives
Additives designed to satisfy your chlorine requirements.

Lime Scale Solvents
Formulated for mineral deposits and lime scale film.

Manual Detergents
Versatile line of detergents designed specifically for the manual washing process.

Oven & Grill Cleaner
Gets rid of built-up grease and carbon.

Sanitizer Products
Feel confident with our sink sanitizers.

Specialty Products
Safe and natural synergistic blend of bacteria designed to digest grease, oil, fat, starches and carbohydrates. Products for all hard surfaces, counters, floors and carpets.

Ultra Active Specialties
Ultra active detergents, presoaks and sanitizers.

Download a complete product list (pdf) of restaurant chemicals and warewashing supplies here.

Download our most recent restaurant chemicals and warewashing price list (doc) here.

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Model Laundry Now Offer High-Quality ADS Ware Washing Equipment in Northwest Arkansas

model conveyor1 Model Laundry Now Offer High Quality ADS Ware Washing Equipment in Northwest Arkansas

Model Laundry has become an exclusive dealer for American Dish Service ware washing equipment in Northwest Arkansas. The move adds to the company’s growing line of restaurant products and services.

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Why Should My Northwest Arkansas Business Use a Linen Rental Service?

model restaurant linens 300x199 Why Should My Northwest Arkansas Business Use a Linen Rental Service?

If you own or operate a salon, provide health care services, run a school, church or daycare or are a restaurant in Northwest Arkansas, Model Laundry & Dry Cleaners has a linen rental service that may be right for you.

Renting reduces the cost of investing in linens. When you rent from Model Laundry & Dry Cleaning, there’s no initial investment and you are guaranteed professionally cleaned items delivered to you on time, every time. We offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from when renting linens, giving you a choice when it comes to determining the image you want to project. By outsourcing your laundry, you eliminate the variable and high costs of operating an on-premise laundry. Renting allows you to minimize your expenses and eliminates inventory concerns, so you never have to worry about the maintenance, repairs, storage, and replacement expenses that go hand in hand with running a laundry.

Laundry is what we do. Our large scale, local facility in Rogers, run by industry experts is simply more efficient to handle your linen service needs.

Linens must be cleaned and processed after each use. The size and quantity of the linens also means that you can’t just wash them in a regular washing machine like you have at home. You need specialized equipment to wash, dry, iron, and fold them. You also need the right chemicals to get out the heavy soil that business use creates. If you use the wrong chemicals or equipment, the life of the linen will be drastically reduced.

Concerned about your business’ environmental footprint? We can reduce your impact on the environment with cloth napkins for your restaurant, cloth-roll towels for your restroom, and cloth towels for your restaurant’s kitchen. Using Model Laundry & Dry Cleaning’s linen services just makes sense.

Who uses linen rental?

Hundreds of business in our service area alone use linen supply. If you are one of the following you can benefit from our service:

Country or Golf Club
Health Club
Salon or Spa
Retail Store
Office Building
Health Care Facility
Corporate Headquarters/Conference Facility
Any place where food is served, or cleaning is required.

For more information call us at 479-636-2323

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The Advantages of Uniform Rental

When you have a full-service uniform program in Northwest Arkansas there’s no laundry to do, no uniforms to buy and no repairs or maintenance to waste your time and money.

Uniform rentals are an inexpensive option to outfit all departments of a company. Customers will immediately notice the upgrade, as will the workers wearing them. It can also be cheaper than buying uniforms, depending on the material and service level you need.

At Model Laundry & Dry Cleaners, we are  dedicated to supplying you with high-quality uniform rentals and service.  Our Rogers, AR uniform service provides a wide variety of apparel, ranging from traditional uniforms, scrubs, lab coats, industrial and construction uniforms, and protective clothing.

Our Rogers, AR  uniform service provides contemporary and traditional apparel, catering to front office, dining room, kitchen, building, grounds, and housekeeping. We provide uniform apparel to some of the finest country clubs, banquet facilities, restaurants, college food services, nursing homes/extended care facilities, and rehab centers in addition to many small  businesses.

Rogers AR uniform service The Advantages of Uniform Rental

Among the many benefits of renting your uniforms:

  • Clothing items are picked up, cleaned and delivered weekly.
  • Necessary repairs and size changes are automatically attended to.
  • Personalized with employee names and your logo emblem.
  • Expand or decrease your uniform inventory as your number of employees grows or shrinks.
  • Avoid a large initial outlay of capital.
  • Decrease the risks and liability of contamination with professional laundry of each of the uniforms.
  • In addition, your employees would really appreciate the service.

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